The Maiden Voyage:The Practice Run

So what’s your plan

Now that I have everything (mostly, kinda) for my #SUVanlife, now I have the trip to look forward to. Where am I going? I don’t know. I’ll stay around Texas for a while and see some caves, find some historical taverns (bars are so fun!) and ride the scenic byways. So, in watching Amber from Story Chasing , I found what I believe will work for me. It gets me off the major highway and I can see the beauty of the country until I can buy some off-road tires. There are so many things to see in the common places, but there’s also all the places in between.

I’ve already been able to do my first practice run. For three weeks I stayed on four beaches, and OMG, it was the best, most relaxing time ever. The first night was probably the most nerve-wracking night I experienced, but being tired and having a new friend and her son to help me through really helped a lot.

“Tell me more, Tell me more, did you get very far?”

I traveled southwest about three and a half hours and stayed at Magnolia Beach the first few nights of my adventure. We arrived around five in the evening, which was plenty of time to scope a spot and set up camp. I thought the setup would just be me laying out my bed and chillin’— well, lessons happen quickly when you’re living on the beach (and I can imagine anywhere off-gridish). Lesson number 1: Take note of when high tide happens and where you are parked. We had the best laugh, because I’d looked at the fishermen there when we arrived and decided I’d parked on the edge of the water, because I could. I backed that thang up and enjoyed the night and went to bed without worry. Well the morning came and so did the tide. LMAO, I looked at it come closer and closer to my back wheels and so I moved up and then it chased me until I parked next to a patch of grass. You gotta beware the tide when you’re living on the beach.

I’m fortunate because my new travel companion allowed me to use her camper as well. Her and her son travel in a retro Winnebago. Each day got easier as I moved stuff around and tried to figure out how to use all the things I’d had delivered from Amazon and well, I adjusted. I also made sure to take note of the things I needed, because the reality is I won’t always have a travel companion and I really need to be more self-sufficient. That’s the point of this right? Living simply and being able to take care of yourself. I’m so very grateful that my travel friends are so kind.

Anyway, we stayed for around five days. She’d suggested two weeks maybe, but we’d stay however long we felt was right for us. Around the third day I was looking forward to the next stop. That was a pretty common feeling for me the whole trip, So it looks like I’ll be moving every four days or so. I think I’ve decided when my travel days will be. I’ve thought it out and strategically plan to move on days when the weekenders are home and the roads are not full of extra people.

Corpus Christi/Mustang Island

Next, we went down to Corpus Cristi/Mustang Island. OMG, how wonderful a stay that was. when we got there, though, it was a little dicey if we’d actually stay. We rolled up on the free beach and I crap you not the tide was reaching my car at the entrance. We talked to a few folks who frequent and/or live in the area and found the right spot to stay for the next few days. We completely forgot about it being a holiday weekend (Easter), but while the beach was full with beachers, families, music, and bbq, there was never a super crowded feeling. I still had space around me and still hadn’t figured out how to set up all the things I’d stored in the trunk of my SUV and was nervous to spread out. The great thing about Mustang Island was that they do provide porta potties and they keep them as clean as you can keep a port-a-potty. I never felt disgusted by them. I also didn’t sleep near them or stay for more than a few minutes, lol.

We stayed on Mustang Island for the next week and half. We started with a free camping spot and then decided to stay at Mustang Island State Park for a few days. While I was there I started walking again. I loved to walk at home, I used to go out before sunrise and walk about a mile or more to start my day. While I definitely wasn’t ready to be walking in the dark, except for that one morning, but just before day break, I had the urge to start walking. I was up already enjoying the beautiful sunrises. Mouth to the sand, they were just so grand. <-check that flow yo lol! Seriously though, being able to watch a pure sunrise with no buildings or power lines blocking it, or not having to worry about the red light in front of you each day you get to experience that it changes you a little bit. Seeing a new day break helps with restoring hope that may be lost or forgotten. It’s just pure magic and I can’t wait to get back to it.

Port Aransas Pass

After we left Mustang Island, we went a little further down the beach to Port Aransas Pass. The great thing is you have 18 miles of beach parking with a $12 pass that is valid for a year. I must’ve walked most of the miles of beach. if not, I surely tried. I just loved every moment. Also, walking in sand is great exercise. I know for certain I lost some weight. It was almost the first thing I checked when I got home. I’ll tell ya what, a couple of weeks of cooking food and coming home to take out is an adjustment on your stomach. Keep that in mind. We spent the next week and a half in two more great spots before I had a gut feeling it was time to go home.

As I said in my last post, my stepdad's health was declining due to cancer and I just knew I needed to drive back home. That’s where I’m writing to you from now. All has been settled and Mom is okay. In other news, I’ve had to stay longer to take care of Zola (my car). Wait, I didn’t tell you what happened?

The Accident

So of course I stayed with Mom for a few days, and while I was there I parked on the street outside of her house. She has a steep driveway, and I just didn’t want to park there. Lesson learned. I’ve parked in that spot a few times, no problems. Well, while I’m inside on the Ipad getting some things set up to launch my VA business, there’s a ring at the door. The neighbors. They are here to inform me that they hit Zola. I wanted to cry. Once I looked at it, it wasn’t so bad, but the fact that in all my years of driving I have never had anyone so much as scratch my car with a fingernail to now, the ONE time I buy a brand new to me barely used car, she dings the bumper. Ok, I’m being a little dramatic, it was mostly cosmetic, but Zola has been in the hospital for almost two weeks. I, however, am just about ready to launch. Are you looking for someone to set up your business systems? I specialize in Dubsado and Clickup. I’m also very versed with Canva. Yes, shameless plug, this is my blog, I can do that. LOL

What’s Next?

Well, I'm hoping to be taking off again in August and that’ll be in a couple weeks or less, but I certainly want to have a client or two before I go. I was able to do Favor for a few days while I was out there, however I just don’t want to do that. I’m excited for the launch of a new business and more travel. I’m currently trying to decide if I’ll go to Dallas, Austin and San Antonio before I head east or if I’ll save it for the fall. Summer and hurricane season is around the corner, and I kinda wanna be out of the south soon, but I definitely want to go see some family before I head north. Watch my instagram and I’ll keep you posted on where I’m headed.