Preparing for Full-Time Vanlife | Solo Female Vanlife

Hey, I thought I’d take some time to share how I’m preparing for Full Time Vanlife. My body, heart, and soul are ready to jump out there and get on the road so I can start seeing all the things, but I know if I’m going to stay out a while or even indefinitely, I need to try to be as prepared as possible. Not because I have nowhere to return to, but because I honestly have few plans to return and, when I do, it’ll be for specific reasons: my family, my very best friends, and a client I’ve committed to coming back to help with her recovery. I’ll come back for them when they need, or for personally traditional events like the Houston Livestock Show + Rodeo.

I wish I was big on the major holidays but I’m really not, so there’s a good chance I’ll have my kiddo meet me somewhere so we can share a different experience. In the last couple of years we’ve enjoyed movie days, and that of course is still an option with Watch Party now being a thing, though I’m late to knowing about it.

Planning My Planning

If you’re a planner girl or guy you know it’s that favorite time of year when all the planners for the next year are on the market and we want all the things. I’ve been a planner for around five or six years now and I’ve learned I can plan in a lot of different formats, however I always come back to Hobonichi Weeks, even though it just doesn’t hold everything as well as I’d like. I just so happened to see an At Home with Quita video pop up and I fell in love with the concept of a discbound catch all binder. I love that I can put anything into and I don’t actually have to worry about popping open rings.

I have always loved rings, but over time they will misalign, so this is actually a great alternative. I love that in rings and discbounds you don’t have to stick to one size inserts, or if you just have something you need to keep you can punch it and add it to the section you need. Then there’s the frankenplanning aspect. (I didn’t know that’s what it was called, I just thought it was divided into sections, but kool name right?) You can have all the things you want to take care of in one binder. That is the aspect of the system I am most drawn to. I can make sure I have my schedule, plan my blog and videos, flesh out my goals, keep track of recipes, and whatever else I can fit on these discs.

Don’t you dare think I’m getting rid of my Hobonichi Weeks, though. If you don’t know, it’s a slender monthly and weekly calendar with 72 -312 extra note pages, depending on the version you choose. It’s a great little book. I’ll be grabbing the small version this year, because while I’ve decided to use it as my journal, I am not yet a daily journaler nor am I long winded, so I typically end up with a lot of unused pages. In the event that I actually use the 72 extra note pages, there are supplement books I can buy to accompany this little tiger.

It’s important to me that I kinda have this on lock, because while I can have inserts printed at Staples or OfficeMax that’s not really how I’m looking to spend my time. I’d like to get the dated versions, have them shipped and I’m done for the year. I can keep a few weeks or a few months depending on what I’m using.

Learning Knots + Watching Youtube University for Camp Basics

It dawned on me about a week ago that in a few weeks I’ll be back out in the wild, and while I have most of the equipment I think I need, there are some camp basics I need to start drilling in my head. While I would like to be studying how to edit better, right now my time is better suited learning how to tie a damn knot. Or maybe protection from creepy crawlies lol. What do you think?

There are still some things I need as far as camping goes. An axe, a saw maybe, but in time I’ll accumulate those things. I am looking to buy more when I need it, rather than buying and storing it unnecessarily, especially living in a small space. That could be my inexperience talking and I am praying that I don’t shoot myself in the foot.

There’s always gonna be plenty to learn. Right now, I’m focused on what will get me started and making sure I’m not hurting the environment I’m visiting.

Fleshing Out My Editing Schedule for Videos + the Blog

I’m sure you could tell I'm a baby blogger and cinematographer. Well, I certainly know I have plenty to learn and I’m looking forward to spending time learning so I can better share my story with you.

Being a planner chica, like I said before, I just want to have a sense of where my weeks should be heading. I wanna know that the consistent things stay consistent, and then I can add everything else around my “regular schedule”. I’ve started to implement that in my week while I prepare to go. Massages will be certain days now so I am not rushing to get an article written or to film and edit.

I have a hard time setting boundaries for myself, to be able to get the things done that I need to do and then I’m cramming it in and feeling like I’m procrastinating once I’m tired and unmotivated. When I should have stuck to the schedule I made for myself. It seems that I am getting a lot more done. I’m so used to jumping for everyone else though, but this is me saying yes to me and my audience.

Hey How y’all doin’? So glad you chose to meet me in this space.

Creating and sticking to this schedule allows me to really know how often I can be driving to my next destination. I’ll have to consider setup and take down, but as long as this schedule is steady, I think I’ll be fine.

Daily Meditation/Fitness Walks

I’ve shared with you in my first post Beginning a New Chapter that I’m dealing with some depression. It’s a daily battle. I recently had a great conversation with one of my best friends about what I’ve been going through to help her understand my why for leaving. I learned she’s been going through some of the things that I have. I try to make sure I start or end my day in nature since I’m not yet full time and I’m not outside all the time. Would it be weird if I just sat at the park all day?

Anyway, I love to walk through the woods at a park that I frequent. It’s calming and meditative and I’ve picked up a bit of photography. I think with making sure I keep my mental health healthy I’ve started to see things differently. I’ve been visiting this park for ten to fifteen years and this time around I’m just starting to see the beauty. Each day I visit I see something different. Crazy how that can be. I visit the same place every day and can somehow always see something new.


As far as I’m concerned, she will never be done. Literally this morning before writing this article I was rearranging and trying to decide how to better organize things. I am a lover of organizing my crap and I’ll do it constantly. It’s partially because I need to have things in a specific, easy to access place, and it’s a procrastination tactic. If I’m “busy” organizing something that is organized then I don’t have to do what I’m supposed to do. Anyone else have that problem?